Scottsdale East Homes, Inc.


Dear Prospective Member,

This site has been prepared for your information and convenience. It is the intention of the cooperative to provide you with information about the policies, services, and operation of Scottsdale East Homes, Inc. This site contains both basic and specific information about your duties and obligations as members in this cooperative. It is designed to answer most of your questions about what it means to be a member of Scottsdale East Homes, Inc.

Copies of the By-laws, Occupancy Agreement, and various other documents have been included for your convenience and information. It is important that these documents be read, so that we will have a common knowledge not only about what to expect of us as members, but what is expected of us as a cooperative by our membership.

The Board of Directors and management are available to answer any questions you might have concerning the information found on this site.

Everything you wanted to know about Scottsdale East Homes, Inc.

By-laws (PDF)

Block Fence Rules and Regulations


Crime Free Lease Addendum (PDF)


Ground Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Important Charges and Fees


Member Manual (PDF)

No Pet Policy

Occupancy Agreement (PDF)

Parking Rules and Regulations

Pool Rules


8210 East Garfield, Scottsdale, Arizona 85257